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Roomba Discovery Special Edition

Roomba Discovery SE is the top of the line Roomba with some very down to earth features.

roomba discovery robotic vacuumLike Roomba Discovery, the SE features Dirt Detect, the self-charging Home Base, an extra-large debris bin, the Roomba Remote, three cleaning modes plus a Charging Wall Mount for convenient storage. And, of course, the SE comes with the Advanced Power System that gives all Roombas the energy to get the job done. SE does it all, and looks great doing it.

Roomba Discovery SE comes with:

  • Rechargeable APS battery
  • 3-hour charger
  • Charging Wall Mount
  • 2 Virtual Walls
  • Roomba Remote
  • Home Base
  • Filters

Roomba goes where other vacuums can't. Makes a great gift too for someone who needs a little more time in their life.

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