Simplify Life @Home

Wow! Technology has come such a long way in the past years. Take advantage of it! Automated home products can simplify your life, save time and even add a little fun.

Cool Stuff to Simplify your Life

Roomba Scheduler: cleans around YOUR schedule!
Roomba Discovery Special Edition
Try INSTEON! New wireless home control technology.
Try LampLinc V2 Dimmer - Get Automated!
Automated lighting w/ X-10
Read about easy the Jetsons had it!
Never push a vacuum around again -- Roomba!
La aspiradora Roomba™ - Envio Gratuito!
Short on space? How about a washer/dryer combo?
For easy home automation, get ActiveHome!
  Wireless Home Networking

Coming soon! Even more cool stuff to simplify life @home!

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58% OFF - Home Automation Kit

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