TiVo is fully compatible with wireless video sender Guaranteed Lowest Price on Wireless Video Sender
Only $49.99
Send your TiVo recorded video and audio to another room
Send Your DirecTV TiVo Shows
to Any TV in the House!
DirecTV TiVo Shows can be broadcast to any room with Wireless Video Sender
Extend the Power of Your DirecTV TiVo Box and send Your Recorded Shows to Another TV Anywhere in the House with X10's Wireless Video Sender!

So you LOVE your DirecTV TiVo unit and you want to watch your recorded programs in bed! But there's a problem...You don't have a second DirecTV TiVo box in your bedroom! So, you've got no way to watch your favorite programs - they're just sitting there, stored on your DirecTV/TiVo hard drive and you can't do anything! What to do?

Would you believe the solution is here - And it's under $50 bucks!

With X10's Wireless Video Sender at the New Lower price of Only $49.99, you'll easily be able to watch all of your favorite TiVo programs without running any new wires to your bedroom. And you won't have to pay for a second DirecTV or TiVo recorder or any of those monthly fees that the DirecTV Service people hit you with.

  • Watch DirecTV TiVo in Any Room, Even Outside!
  • Video Signal Travels Through Walls and Floors
  • Crystal Clear Picture up to 100 Feet Away
  • Wireless--No long wires to hide
  • You Can Even Transmit Music in Full Stereo
  • DVD Quality Transmission--No Quality Loss!
  • Works with the VCR, DVD, DVR & many more
  • Buy Today and get a FREE Universal 5-in-1 Learning Remote (a $49.99 Value). This sleek remote will control all your major TV, VCR, Cable and Satellite functions, helping you to eliminate the clutter on your coffee table. But Hurry! This special offer is good only while supplies last and may expire at any time.

    Wireless Transmitter New Low Price of $49.99So save yourself the headache of buying a second DirecTV TiVo receiver and the cost of extra monthly fees. Order the X10 Wireless Video Sender for Only $49.99 today. Your complete satisfaction is 100% guaranteed! Don't Wait -

    Audio video sender enables DirecTV TiVo Owners to enjoy their shows on any TV
    X10 transmitter works with TiVO and Many Popular Devices

    Guaranteed Lowest Price on X10's Wireless Video Sender

    Watch Your DirecTV TiVo, DVD, VCR on Another TV!
    NO Wires, NO Extra Boxes, NO Extra Fees!

    Wireless Video Transmitter and Receiver - New Low Price Only $49.99

    If You Buy X10 Wireless Video Sender Package You'll Get This 5-in-1 Learning Remote for FREE! Send Your Favorite TiVo Programs to Another Room with DVD Quality Video and Stereo Audio!

    X10 Wireless Video Sender lets you watch DirecTV TiVo on a second TV, even a High Definition Plasma Television- Watch All your favorites such as movies, sports and sitcoms - on any TV in the house, without buying additional boxes, and without running wire from room to room.

    As a DirecTV TiVo customer, you know that getting your shows on additional televisions can get expensive. Either pay for more boxes or run unsightly wire from room to room. No one wants to pay for additional DirecTV HD boxes or TiVo2 Upgrades and running wire from room to room often results in reduced picture quality.

    But, with X10's new scientific breakthrough in wireless video broadcasting, you can have the perfect, affordable solution!

    DirecTV TiVo Customers Rave About the Video Sender:

    I didn't have a second DirecTV HD TiVo box in my master bedroom. It was going to cost way too much money to get another DirecTV receiver. Instead, I used a solution from X10 and now I can watch Tivo on the LCD TV in the bedroom with no additional wires!

    I hooked up the Wireless Video Sender transmitter to my living room's TiVo box. I hooked up the Wireless Video Sender receiver unit to the master bedroom's TV.

    The Best Part is I can watch Recorded Programs in more than one room with Video Sender while recording a live program - at the same time. I can watch The Sopranos in the bedroom with the older TV while recording Monday Night Football in the other room. X10 allowed me do what the TiVo people said I couldn't do without a second box.

    Thanks, Guys! The X10 equipment has already paid for itself.

    Order Today and Get this FREE BONUS - a 5-in-1 Learning Remote!

    FREE 5-in-1 Learning Remote if you Order TodayFor a Limited Time we're adding a Free 5-in-1 Learning Remote. This handy remote learns all the functions of your TV, VCR and Stereo remotes so you only need ONE remote for all! That way, you can clean the mountain of remotes off your coffee table.

    The Universal 5-in-1 Learning Remote controls your TV, VCR, Cable, and Satellite in a convenient and uncluttered design. It also includes Home Control when used in conjunction with the X10 Transceiver (or any X10 security system base receiver), which means you can control your lights and appliances as well!

    The learning function ensures that the remote will work with any audio/video product, no matter how obscure. Teaching the remote a new set of codes is performed by placing the two remotes so that they face each other and pressing the key sequence to initiate programming. Comes with codes and instructions. Easy!

    DirecTV TiVo Setup Couldn't be Simpler with the Video Sender

    Audio/Video Signal Sender Fully Compatible with TiVo - Easy to Setup!
    Need More Info?
    View the Product Manual HERE
    You won't usually find a product SO powerful, with SO many uses, that's SO easy to set-up. If you own a DirecTV TiVo unit, a VCR, DVD player, or a Cable Box you already know more than enough to plug in the Wireless Video Sender and Receiver! Video Sender works seemlessly with your DirecTV TiVo and other devices, and it makes them more fun to use. Simply plug the standard RCA connectors or cable into the back of the unit and you're ready to go in wireless style!

    And to make things even easier for you - for a Limited Time we're adding a Free5-in-1 Learning Remote to make things even EASIER. This handy remote learns all the functions of your TV, VCR and Stereo remotes so you only need ONE remote for all! That way, you can clean the mountain of remotes off your coffee table.

    Why Buy From X10?   You Get Top Quality & Factory-Direct Savings!
    We Manufacture for Some of the World's Best Known Brands Including:
    RCA, IBM, RadioShack, Black & Decker, Zenith and hundreds more!

    Consumer Products Rates Video Sender as a Best BuyX10's Wireless Video Sender is built to the same exacting standards that we use when building for other major brand names like RCA and RadioShack.

    When you buy from X10 you get:

    • Risk-Free 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
    • Genuine X10 quality
    • We manufacture with only high quality components ensuring reliability in almost any condition.

    We were even honored with Consumer's Digest Best Buy award for some our products. A true honor from a respected name in consumer reporting.

    Who is X10? We have been designing and building consumer electronic products for major manufacturers for over 25-years. Many of the best-known brands in the world rely on X10's manufacturing experience and facilities for building many of their name brand products. X10 is also one of the world's largest manufacturers of remote controls for DVD players, VCR's, televisions and much more. Chances are good you already own an X10-built remote control and don't even know it! 

    Buying Direct from X10 works to your advantage. How? Because when we sell our product to you directly, you cut out the middle man and get the lowest price.

       Remember, you need to order soon to get this great package value!

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    This Amazing Video Sender Unit ONLY $49.99
    Buy Wireless Video Sender NOW!

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