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Tiny Wireless Nanny Cam Kit
FREE VCR Classic Pro Pack!

Security Camera Close-Ups
XCam2 Security Camera XCam2 Security Camera Side View
Security Camera Power Supply XCam2 Security Camera Receiver

Works great indoors & outdoors!

Watch over what's most important to you! Hide the tiny, wireless XCam2 Nanny Cam anywhere! Easy to install - and you'll get a FREE VCR Classic Pro Pack! Know that your child is getting the best care possible when you're home or away! Sets up in 5 minutes!

HURRY! Offer Ends Soon!

  • Transmit live video to your PC, TV or VCR.
  • Perfect for Weather Monitoring!
  • Affordable High-Definition Web Cam Solution!
  • Indoor/Outdoor - Weather Resistant
  • Easy to Install!

Everything You Need is Included List Price
XCam2 Color Wireless Nanny Camera $69.99
Video Receiver $39.99
FREE VCR Commander $49.99
FREE Eagle Eye Motion Sensor $24.99
FREE FedEx Shipping Always Free!
Sold Separately: $184.96
NOW ONLY: $79.99
You Save: $104.97 (57%)

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Never Take a Chance with Your Child!

Wireless video just got a lot easier with the XCam2, a Nanny Cam that can transmit LIVE COLOR video up to 100 feet. The XCam2 integrates a COLOR analog video camera and 2.4 GHz transmitter into a single device that can be installed and operated by anyone. The  allows you to easily record the area your Nanny Cam watches over. Whenever motion is detected, your VCR FREE VCR Classic Pro Pack will automatically start recording what your Nanny Cam sees!

Always Be There - Even When You're Away!

  • What is your child eating? - Know instantly!
  • Bedtime - is she still asleep?
  • Record it all - always know what's going on!
  • Safety - keep an eye on kids as they play!
  • Warning Signs - Does your child seem unhappy or withdrawn? Find out why!

Use as a Security/Surveillance Camera
Even Cooler! When you're not at home, the XCam2 Wireless Nanny Cam can double as a security camera. Keep a watchful eye on everything that goes on in your home whether you're at home or work.

It's Wireless!
The XCam2 Nanny Cam is wireless, which means no wires are needed to transport the image from the camera to the receiver. However, the camera still needs a power source. Included in the XCam2 Nanny Cam Kit is a standard AC power supply, which plugs into the camera. XCam2 battery packs are also available for purchase, for times when an electrical outlet is not nearby.

Use it Indoors or Out!
This small, discreet camera is so versatile. Use it indoors to keep an eye on your kids, visitors at your front door and more! Weather-resistant, the XCam2 Wireless Nanny Cam is also a great camera to use outdoors for safety, security and fun solutions! Keep an eye on your kids while they play outside or your expensive cars in the driveway. You can even add accessories such as motion sensors* and chimes* to trigger VCR recording or alert you if someone is at your door or entering your pool area. Then, you can quickly see what is happening by turning on your TV and watching from the comfort and safety of your home.

Sets Up In Minutes!
Wireless transmission means it easy to set up your Nanny Cam! You'll never have to cut holes in your walls or run wires from one room to another. Set up your camera anywhere and plug the receiver into your TV or VCR. The signal even transmits through walls and floors! To see what your camera is seeing, just change your TV's channel.


*Items may not be included in this kit.

Buy Now! Sale Ends Soon! Only $79.99!


Get this FREE with Your Nanny Cam Deal!

Video Only Receiver - Normally $39.99! Included with Your Nanny Cam!
A Video Receiver is a necessary component of X10's wireless camera systems. With a Video Receiver, you can receive video signals from up to 16 wireless cameras and display them (one at a time) on your TV screen. Alternatively, you can connect a Video Receiver to a VCR to record the video signals or to a PC for computer- or web-based surveillance (USB Video Capture Adapter and software required)

FREE VCR Classic Pro Pack - Normally more than $79.99! You get it FREE today!
Included with the NannyCam kit is a FREE VCR Classic Pro Pack you'll  receive the VCR Commander & EagleEye Motion Sensor. Whether you're home or not, when motion is detected it will turn on your NannyCam and your VCR - then automatically send a "Record" command to your VCR!  When no motion is detected for 5 minutes, it will tell your VCR to stop recording the NannyCam. No wasting tape.

Buy Now! Sale Ends Soon! Only $79.99!

Stories of Nanny Cam in Action

One Customerís NannyCam True Life Story

One father found a way to check on his baby while she was sleeping, without actually going into the room and disturbing her. Shawn M., an X10 customer, set up the perfect solution using X10ís ActiveHome and XCam2 NannyCam. He plugged a lamp into the ActiveHome Lamp Module, and set up two wireless cameras, one above the crib and one above the lamp. Then he connected a wireless NannyCam Video Receiver to his TV/VCR. From there, he and his wife could monitor their little one without disturbing her, and therefore get a little more sleep themselves.

Using the ActiveHome remote, Shawn set the lamp up so that he could carefully bring up the light just enough so that the NannyCam could see the crib. Then with the same remote (since itís a universal remote), he would turn on the television in his room so that he could see the video from the XCam2 NannyCam. All without ever getting out of bed.

According to Shawn, "Now when I want to check on her, all I have to do is turn on the TV and look, and then turn over and go back to sleep. Thanks X10."


Buy Now! Sale Ends Soon! Only $79.99!

Internet Camera Customer Reviews
Buy Now! "I have been buying X10 products for over 10 years! Always great service and fast delivery!!"
"When I first heard about X10, I thought it was just a gimmick. But after ordering from their website I found that they have great products at extremely low prices. I will continue to order from them!"
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Excellent "These people are fantastic! Their products do EVERYTHING they claim, and sometimes more. The Internet cameras are unobtrusive and produce an incredibly clear picture. I have never been less than satisfied with an X10 product."
Excellent "Great products! Great service! So easy to use and very addictive to have! We started off with a few Internet cameras and now we are moving to a completely automated home. Thank you."
Buy Now! "I just love the way that X10 is moving with the times, by incorporating such things as DVD players, MP3 Players, Metal Detectors, etc. It shows that they are listening to their customers!"
"I'm very pleased with the information that I have obtained on your website. It is full of information and sales all over the place. I have to pull myself away from the computer so that I don't get carried away with purchasing too many of your great deals."
Buy Now! "I have four XCams, that I purchased a couple of years ago. Recently, when car vandals tried to steal my sounds system, even the police were impressed with the security that the X10 cams afforded me. Thanks X10!!! Spending a couple hundred on your cameras saved me a couple thousand worth of loss through theft!!!"
"As a single professional woman, I'm out of town on business a lot. With X10's amazing wireless cameras, I feel much better about the security of my home when I'm home or away. No more checking out weird noises in the middle of the night in my PJs! I just turn on the TV from the safety of my home!"
Buy Now! "I'm a single mom and need an extra pair of eyes to my kids safe when I can't be everywhere at once. X10's wireless cameras are the perfect solution! I needed something easy to install and easy to use! And I can use them almost anywhere!"
"I installed an X10 surveillance system consisting of four XCam2s and an XRay Vision USB adapter. About two weeks ago, some punks broke into our garage and we had the entire thing captured on our computer! I was able to take all of the footage and pictures off our computer, burn them to a CD, and give them to the police so that we could catch these guys. All of this would never have been possible without X10's inexpensive surveillance systems. Thanks X10!"

Buy Now! Sale Ends Soon! Only $79.99!




Use the multiple Babysitter Cam to watch over every area your child plays in - the nursery, living room, playroom. Or use a Babysitter Cam to monitor your front door. Someone knock? Simply turn on your TV to see who it is! You'll know if it's worth the time away from your child to answer the door! The vivid XCam2 Wireless COLOR 3-Camera System wirelessly broadcast live COLOR video to the same video receiver so you can view what your cameras see on the same TV. You can even switch camera views with the included remote just like changing channels on your television!

Order Now & Get a FREE VCR Classic Pro Pack!

Hurry! Offer Ends Soon!

  • Instant LIVE video feed to your TV or VCR or PC
  • 100 foot range through walls and floors
  • Switch camera views like changing TV channels!

Everything You Need is Included:

List Price

3 XCam2 Wireless Nanny Cam Cameras $209.97
Nanny Cam Video Receiver
Nanny Cam Remote Controller
Wireless Transceiver
FREE VCR Commander
FREE EagleEye Motion Sensor
FREE FedEx Shipping
Always free!

Sold Separately: 367.92
NOW ONLY: $169.99
You Save: $197.93 (54%)

Set-up Instructions   More Photos   How It Works   Press Reviews   Uses

Triple Your Surveillance!

Order 3 Nanny Cam Deal Now!
Total home surveillance! Monitor more areas and save with this 3-camera kit. Use the included remote control to scan through camera feeds on your TV - just like changing channels. The perfect way to start your home or business monitoring, this surveillance system is expandable to 16+ cameras.

So tiny it fits anywhere! Flip views like flipping TV channels!

  • Switch between camera views like switching TV channels!
  • Wireless security cameras thatbroadcasts high-quality live COLOR video up to 100 feet to any TV or VCR.
  • Easily mount anywhere!
  • Tiny & Discreet! Easily hidden!
  • Weather Resistant - works indoor or out!

Sets up in only 5 minutes! Easy to Use!
Because the camera is wireless, simply place a camera in any area you want to watch over and plug the Video Receiver into your TV! The signal is automatically sent to your TV (or VCR if you want to record the action).

Buy Now! Sale Ends Soon! Only $169.99!

Get 3 Cameras & All This For Only $169.99!

Camera Remote Control - Normally $29.99! Included In Your 3-Camera Kit!
In wireless multi-camera systems, a Camera Remote is used to switch the camera views that appear on your television, VCR or PC. The Camera Remote is very similar to a standard television remote control, enabling you to "change channels" to see what is happening around your home. Up to sixteen wireless cameras can be controlled with one Camera Remote. Wireless Transceiver required. (One camera remote is included with this kit.)
Video Receiver - Normally $39.99! Included In Your 3-Camera Kit!
A Video Receiver is a necessary component of X10's wireless camera systems. With a Video Receiver, you can receive video signals from up to 16 wireless cameras and display them (one at a time) on your TV screen. Alternatively, you can connect a Video Receiver to a VCR to record the video signals or to a PC for computer- or web-based surveillance (USB Video Capture Adapter and software required).
Wireless Transceiver - Normally $12.99! Included In Your 3-Camera Kit!
The power Transceiver Module is the backbone for any home automation system. It allows you to remotely control an household appliance or light that is plugged into an appliance, lamp or wall switch module or any other X10 lighting or appliance product. Simply plug the Transceiver Module into any normal wall socket and using the remote, you can control lamps or appliances from anywhere in your home!
VCR Commander - Normally $49.99! You get it FREE today!
Now you can set your XCam2 and VCR on auto-pilot to "Record ONLY the action" in and around your home totally hands free! It's the NEW X10 VCR Commander II Kit. Whether you're home or not, when motion is detected, this amazing product can turn on the appropriate X10 Camera and your VCR - then automatically send a "Record" command to your VCR!
EagleEye Motion Sensor - Normally $24.99! You get it FREE today!
This tiny EagleEye Motion Sensor will always look after your safety and security. Put it anywhere and record only the action! Put one outside set to turn on your XCam2 Camera overlooking your walkway and porch lights as visitors arrive. Weather resistant for outdoor use.

Buy Now! Sale Ends Soon! Only $169.99!



Watch Over Your Family Even When It's Dark!
Order Today, Save $188 and Get FREE FedEx Shipping!

With three new NightWatch wireless low-light cameras, it's easy to watch your sleeping baby and so much more! You'll love what you'll see with these discreet cameras! The XCam2 NightWatch Wireless Low-Light 3-Nanny Cam System can "see" in three times less light than the standard XCam2, making them perfect for mounting in any darkened area around your home! The VCR Motion Recording Kit allows you to record "only the action" captured by one camera - perfect for when you can't be at home! Switch camera views with the included Camera Remote Controller just like changing channels on your TV!

  • Perfect for monitoring night & day, indoors & out!
  • Instant LIVE video feed to your TV or VCR or PC
  • 100 foot range through walls and floors

Everything You Need is Included:
List Price:
XCam2 NightWatch Low-Light Video Cameras (3)
Video Receiver
Camera Remote Controller
Wireless Transceiver
VCR Commander
EagleEye Motion Sensor
FREE FedEx Shipping
Sold Separately: $24.99
You Save: $187.93 (44%)
NOW ONLY: $239.99
XCam2 In the News!

NannyCam lets you know what happens when you leave your children in someone else's care.
From ABCnews.com Oct. 13, 2003:
"When Jennifer and Brett Schwartz noticed that their infant daughter seemed unsettled around their babysitter, the couple became curious, and installed a nannycam just for their own peace of mind. The Hollywood, Fla., couple - who suspected the baby was just going through separation anxiety - were shocked at what they saw." Full NannyCam story.

Cops: NannyCam Snags Abuser!
From The Jersey Journal, Feb. 2, 2002:
"A live-in nanny for a Jersey City couple has been charged with assault after a hidden nannycam installed by the parents captured her holding their 2-year-old twins nearly upside-down in their highchairs, authorities said." Full NannyCam Story

Parents' Suspicions Result in Arrest - Thanks to the NannyCam
From The Advocate, Apr. 20, 1999:
"NannyCam...The parents told police they became suspicious when they saw the children's diapers weren't changed enough, and when scratches started appearing on the children." Full NannyCam Story

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