Enjoy MP3 Music Anywhere In Your Home!

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Wireless MP3 - From your Computer to your Stereo!
You've spent all those hours downloading music onto your PC - Now enjoy your MP3 music from anywhere in your home! Don't get stuck at your desk! Broadcast your MP3s to the destination of your choice! No longer be a slave to your PC's speaker system. Blast wireless MP3s from your computer to any stereo up to 100 feet away and through walls! Party On!
  • Wireless broadcast of MP3s from computer to stereo!
  • FREE $20 Online Gift Certificate!
  • Create MP3 music collections on your PC - then play them through your stereo for parties, romantic evenings and more!
  • Transmits up to 50 feet!


Included: List
MP3 Anywhere Audio Sender & Receiver $79.99
Anywhere Remote with PC Receiver $39.99
BOOM 2000 Software (download) FREE!
RCA/Stereo Cable FREE!
$20 Online Gift Certificate FREE!
FREE FedEx Shipping FREE!
old Separately: $119.98
NOW ONLY: $79.99
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Enjoy Your MP3 Music Anywhere In Your Home!

Why be stuck in your computer room when you can have MP3 Anywhere?
The digital revolutions has been great. You've figured out how to download music onto your computer, but now what do you do with them? The X10 MP3 Anywhere 2000 allows you enjoy that music anywhere in your home. With this simple software and easy to use remote, you wirelessly broadcast your MP3 music from your computer to your stereo.

Create collections of music to suit every mood or occasion and then enjoy your work away from your computer. Great for parties, romantic evenings, or just an easy way to create a daily soundtrack for your life! You can even use it to broadcast streaming internet radio to the speakers in your house from your PC!

MP3 Anywhere relays commands from the Anywhere Remote to your favorite MP3 player! Now you can listen to your custom MP3 collection from the best speakers in the house, or tune in to faraway Internet radio stations from the comforts of your family room or entertainment room!

How It Works . . .
X10's MP3 Anywhere 2000
allows you to play audio from your PC and listen on your home stereo by relaying commands from the Anywhere Remote to your favorite MP3 player on your PC and then transmitting the audio signals to your home stereo system! The BOOM software puts the control of up to 3 different multimedia applications together in one place. The Anywhere Remote lets you control playback on your stereo up to 50 feet away from your PC.

MP3 Anywhere's BOOM 2000 software is designed to work with streaming digital audio software packages such as Musicman, Rio Port, Liquid Audio, MusicMatch, WinAmp, realPlayer and RealPlayer 10. You will need one of these programs installed and running on your computer to use MP3 Anywhere 2000.

RealPlayer, RealPlayer 10, WinAmp, MusicMatch, Rio Port, Liquid Audio and Musicman are digital music players that run on your computer and are capable of handling MP3 files and other sound formats. Our BOOM 2000 software lets you control these players with the included MP3 Anywhere Remote - creating a portable music environment. You can walk all over the house and use the MP3 Remote to control your computer and send MP3 signals to your favorite stereo through the MP3 Anywhere 2000 transmitter and receiver.

MP3 Anywhere 2000 has no video transmission capability. Transmits Audio Only!

With your X10 MP3 Anywhere System, get ready to:
  • Wirelessly move your digital music your desktop and to your stereo!
  • Play music for parties directly from your PC!
  • Control your PC's MP3, DVD or CD Players!
  • Control lights and appliances with X10 Modules. (Requires lamp/appliance module and transceiver module.)

ONLY $79.99!!


Anywhere 2000 Remote & BOOM 2000 Software

The Anywhere 2000 Remote is a universal remote that controls your TV, VCR, or stereo, and works as a remote control of your computer mouse so you can control your PC's audio player from anywhere in your home!

Used in conjunction with our BOOM 2000 software program, the MP3 Remote lets you play, stop, mute, pause, and adjust the volume of the MP3s streaming from your computer to your stereo.

Combine the power of Internet streaming music technologies with the wireless convenience of MP3 Anywhere 2000 - listen to your custom MP3 collection from the best speakers in the house!


DVDs & Music Anywhere!



Wireless Entertainment Center from your PC to Stereo! Save $40 when you order today!

Entertainment Anywhere takes your favorite CDs, DVDs and MP3s off your home computer and into any room of your house! With the touch of a button on the included Anywhere Remote, you can wirelessly broadcast your computer's DVDs, CDs, MP3s, streaming videos and more to any TV or Stereo in your home! Start enjoying your digital media anywhere today!

Everything You Need is Included: List
Entertainment Anywhere Audio/Video Sender & Receiver $79.99
Anywhere Remote Kit $39.99
BOOM Software 2000 (download) FREE!
RCA/Stereo Cable FREE!
$20 Online Gift Certificate FREE!
Sold Separately: $119.98
NOW ONLY: $79.99
You Save: $39.99 (33%)

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