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Washing Machine Valve Shut-off Kit

Don't leave home without this kit in place! I could have used this shut-off kit when my washer hoses ruptured! What a mess. Need I say more?

icon The thought of coming home to a flooded house again makes me cringe! This Washing Machine Valve Shutoff Kit is well worth it. It is a safety system that averts costly damage stemming from your washing machine, a common source of ruptured hoses, connection seepage and other water-related catastrophes. The very moment the system detects a leak, it responds by automatically shutting off the water source before the real damage starts. Uses AC power supply (included).

Installation of the Washing Machine Valve Shutoff Kit is fast and easy for anyone with even the most basic do-it-yourself skills (like me) no plumber is necessary (good!). You'll need a screwdriver to connect the valves to the existing hot and cold water faucets, mount the control unit, place the water sensor on the floor, plug a cable into a receptacle and plug in the power supply. That's it! No more flooding. No more costly repairs (believe me, it is COSTLY!). Best of all, no more worries or being paranoid about the hose ruptures.

What's in the box?

  • 2 Shut-off valves
  • Control unit with mounting screws
  • 1 Leak sensor
  • AC power supply

Prevent a water accident before it happens: Washing Machine Valve Shutoff Kit icon

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