Mega Deluxe LitterMaid Automatic Self Cleaning Litterbox

Even as a small kitty, Miss Blu was so fussy! Now that she's older, she rules the house more then ever and loves her self cleaning litterbox!

Blue , is so fussy about her kitty litter box and insists on it being super clean all the time - or she doesn't want to go in it. Trying to keep up with the constant cleaning was a real drag.

With the automatic self-cleaning litterbox, Blue is a happy kitty and so am I! Blue gets her clean, fresh litterbox, I don't have to constantly clean it and, best of all, odor is virtually eliminated.

At first, Blu was scared when she heard the litterbox cleaning itself. This unit rakes away the waste, leaving the box clean after Blu leaves the box. The waste is raked into a disposable container, where it and odors are sealed away.

Blu got used to it and now enjoys her super clean litterbox.

Try it, you'll like it - and so will your cat!


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LitterMaid Mega Designer Series Self-Cleaning Litter Box

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