Ionic Bath Pet Brush

Love your pet, but not the smell? You will love the Ionic Bath Small Pet Brush!

Blue loves getting brushed with The Ionic Bath Pet Brush. She starts purring the moment she sees me with the ionic brush in-hand and continues purring throughout the brushing.

Best of all, when I am done, not only is Blue a happy kitty, but I'm happy too since she smells so fresh and clean. It's been especially helpful on hot summer days.

Blue prefers the Ionic Bath Small Pet Brush - a smaller, lighter model. It was the perfect size for her when she was just a few months old. Now that she's older, she still likes her smaller version of the Ionic Bath brush.

Ahem.....dogs love it too! Try the larger version of the Ionic Bath Small Pet Brush and brush away those doggies odors!
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