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Ionic Breese Quadra Air Purifier

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Enjoy all the comforts of cleaner indoor air for a lot less money - with the new-generation Sharper Image Ionic Breese QUADRA! The silent air purifier is ideal for larger rooms, heavier contamination or more sensitive individuals.

ionic breeseWith its stronger electrostatic field - and efficient 3+2 collection-blade configuration - this all-new QUADRA removes more pollutants every minute, compared to 2004's Professional SeriesT model that cost more!

An Ionic Breeze air cleaner is so easy to live with - it is silent; it fits attractively in any room; it is push-button simple to use; it costs next-to-nothing to operate; and there are no costly disposable filters. Instead, the stainless steel collection blades slide out for easy cleaning. For an added level of air purification, OzoneGuardT (using PremAirR catalyst from BASF Catalysts LLC) converts smog and trace levels of ozone by-product into simple oxygen.

Ionic Breeze QUADRA has a 5-minute "Boost" and three air-cleaning speeds. Extra collection-blade array (SI011, $49.95) is available. It stands 28" tall. Plugs into a standard outlet. One-year warranty. A no-hassle 5-year replacement guarantee is only $39.95. Choose gray or two attractive new colors: red or yellow.

Professional PlusT models feature 3 charged collection blades separated by 2 driver blades to improve their particle capture rate.

OzoneGuardT with PremAirR catalyst from BASF Catalysts LLC converts by-product ozone to oxygen.