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Ionic Breeze Bath Air Freshener

Great for bathrooms, pantries, pet corners and other small areas.

Just plug it in and go. Keeps your small space (like your bathroom) fresh. Who needs smelly spray cans that make your allergies even worse. AND, Sharper Image thought of everything--Ionic Breeze Bath even has a nightlight for added visibility in the dark!

Ionic Breeze is America's most trusted brand of air cleaner, with the highest ratings for value and customer satisfaction.

Ionic Breeze Air Freshener for Bathrooms- get yours today!

What's more, Ionic Breeze Air Freshener for Bathrooms & Small Spaces circulates naturally sanitizing ozone to neutralize unpleasant odors — without any fragrance or cover-ups. I like that, especially with my asthma! There aren't even any filters to replace, just wipe the collection rods clean.

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