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"The 7 reasons why I think you’ll really like the Ionic Breeze Quadra"
By Richard Thalheimer, Sharper Image

ionic breeze 50% off 2ND UNITFriends always ask me if our best-selling Ionic Breeze Quadra is as great as we say it is, and if I really use one in my own home. The answer to both questions is an emphatic "Yes!" and here's why:

  1. It’s silent! There isn’t any other air cleaner like it on the market. Others claim to be "quiet" but there simply are no other air purifiers that move air in total silence. Ours uses patented Zenion Effect™ technology to circulate air electronically — without a noisy fan.

  2. Buy the New Professional Series Ionic Breeze Quadra Silent Air Purifier - FREE Ionic Breeze® Air Freshener for Bathrooms ($69 value).

  3. No filters to replace! You’ll never buy or change a filter again. There’s no other quality air purifier that traps airborne particulates on easily cleaned stainless steel collection rods. You save the hassle, the mess and lots of money by not having to buy replacement filters.
  4. Run 24 hours a day! Because it’s silent, and because it’s powered by so little energy, you’re free to run the Quadra 24 hours a day, every day! Other air cleaners have fan motors that use up to 250 watts. But Ionic Breeze is electronic and uses less than 15 a night-light! And because other air cleaners are so noisy, people tend to turn them off — allowing airborne irritants to build back up in no time. With ours, you run it all the time so it keeps on cleaning the air.
  5. Traps allergens! Our tests show Quadra’s electrostatic collection system excels at trapping airborne particulates of one micron or larger — the typical size of pollen, cat dander and other proven allergens. It really helps to clear the air!
  6. Saves money! It may seem like air purifiers sell for about the same price, but there’s a huge difference in costs over just a few years. When you add the cost for electricity over five years and the cost for replacement filters for the same period, you could easily spend $1,500 more with other units — beyond the initial purchase price!
  7. Really cleans the air! You’ll see with your own eyes the dramatic difference Ionic Breeze can make. When you pull out the collection grid after just three weeks in your own home, you’ll find it hard to believe the gunk that was floating around in the air you breathe every day.
  8. Satisfaction guaranteed! You have 60 days to try the Quadra, risk free, in your own home. If you’re not 100 percent delighted, return it for a complete refund. You are the only judge! I’m sure you will be very happy with every aspect of this remarkable air purifier. We’ve sold hundreds of thousands of them and — I hear it all the time — people really like them!

Purchase the Ionic Breeze Quadra Air Purifier today and SAVE 50% on a second unit.

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