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Deluxe Spire Feel-Good Fan with Remote Temperature Sensor

Cool off this summer! Tall, remote-controlled fan cools an entire room with a refreshing natural breeze — filled with negative ions. I love this fan! It's the best one I've ever owned. It really cools things off!


Spire Fan with Remote Control

Original Price: $99.95 Now Only: $59.95!

Spire Fan with remote control New remote temperature sensor helps maintain your chosen comfort level! On hot days and sweltering nights, our improved new remote-controlled Deluxe Spire Feel-Good Fan is your best choice for quietly and efficiently cooling every corner of a large room. Its vertical spinning drum of more than 100 tiny fan blades creates a sweeping breeze with minimal noise or vibration that blows from 16 to 37 inches above floor height.

Choose low, medium or high fan speed settings; or select the unique alternating-speed mode that simulates the ever-changing ebb and flow of a natural spring breeze. A nighttime "Sleep" setting intersperses these "natural" breezes with longer periods of stillness gently coaxing you to sleep; an auto shut-off timer can be set to 30 minutes, one hour, two hours or four hours. Keep the fan stationary or have it oscillate back and forth through 70 of rotation. Choosing Feel-Good Fan's ionizing option adds millions of negative ions to the fan's airflow to both cool and freshen your indoor environment.

The wireless infrared remote controls all functions from anywhere in the room; store it neatly in a magnetized tray at the top of the fan.

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