Friedrich C-90A Electronic Air Cleaner

The leading consumer magazine's top-rated air cleaner, with high AHAM-certified scores for removing smoke, dust and pollen.


Friedrich C-90A Electronic Air Cleaner

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  • The Friedrich C 90A Electronic Air cleaner is an energy-efficient electrostatic precipitator air cleaner traps airborne allergens and irritants on a permanent, washable filter.

  • Top-rated by the leading consumer magazine; generates only safe "trace" levels of by-product ozone, like other electrostatic precipitator air cleaners.

  • Three-speed fan is ENERGY STARr efficient, using only 90 watts.

  • AHAM certified CADR of 300 for smoke, 325 for dust and 370 for pollen.
    Multi-stage filtration: Pre-filter catches large particles; electrostatic collectors trap charged smaller particles; an activated carbon filter traps VOCs (fumes; odors). Replacement carbon filters are inexpensive.

Friedrich C-90A eletronic Air cleanericonThe Friedrich C-90A is a multi-stage air cleaner that has earned top rankings from America's leading consumer magazine. It also has among the highest Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) scores for rapid and efficient removal of airborne tobacco smoke (300), pollen (325) and dust (370) as certified by AHAM, the Association of Household Appliance Manufacturers. It is optimally designed for a room of 465 square feet but is effective for rooms as large as 600 square feet.

Like other electrostatic precipitator air cleaners, the Friedrich electronic air cleaner generates very small ("trace") levels of ozone as a by-product, less than 50 ozone parts per billion (ppb), which is the same safe level established by the FDA for indoor medical devices.

The Friedrich C-90A does not rely on a single method of air filtration. Instead, it employs three different levels of allergen and irritant removal. First, a pre-filter catches larger particles as air is drawn (by fans) into the rear grill. Next, smaller particles are electrostatically charged and then trapped on oppositely charged collector plates. (The permanent collector cell slides out for periodic cleaning in a dishwashing machine or large sink.) Finally, an activated carbon filter traps VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), fumes and odors before the clean air is circulated back into the room. This carbon filter is disposable and should be replaced about every three to six months.

The Friedrich C-90A electronic air cleaner is ENERGY STAR rated and powered by just 90 watts — comparable to a standard light bulb. Cabinet measures 19" x 15" x 21½" and weighs 28 lbs.