Jump Drive

What is small enough to fit in your pocket, yet big enough to hold loads of data or music files?

Did you guess? It's a Jump Drive. Most of these drives are about 2 inches and weigh in at next to nothing, making them easy to take with you anywhere you go. Just plug the Jump Drive into your computer's USB port and you are ready to store and transfer data from one computer to another. You can even get one with an MP3 Player (see pic left) - that's a twofer. More fun for you.

How much data can you store? That depends on you. Choose from memory storage of 64 MB, 128 MB, 256 MB, 512 MB or 1 GB. How many floppy disks does that add up to? The 128 MB equals approximately 90 floppy disks. (When was the last time you used a floppy disk?)

How does it work? Just slide off the protective cap and plug into your computer's USB port. There are no drivers or messy cables to deal with. Simply access the Jump Drive in the same way that you access any drive or disk on your computer. The transfer rates are fast! So, you won't wait long for your files to transfer. Some even a handy write-protect switch to further protect your data once you've stored it on the Drive.

How do you carry it? Well, you can put it in your pocket or carry it on your key ring. It's so easy!

Transferring data via read-writeable CDs became a big hassle for me. I didn't enjoy carrying around those CD's either. I got the Lexar JumpDrive, which made this task so effortless that I got a second JumpDrive with more memory.

Hey, it's a hot item this Lexar USB JumpDrive and I recommend it. I've had no problems to date and don't know how I live without my JumpDrive -- I only wish someone invented the flash drive a long time ago.

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