Home Theater Master 8-in-1 Pre-programmed & Learning Remote

Here's a gadget you can't live without! How many remotes sit on your coffee table? Ah-ha! Just what I thought! It's time for you to consolidate those remotes get just one—the amazing 8-in-1 remote.

Fed up with home theater control systems that are so complicated you need a degree in engineering to use them? Then take a look at this remote. This remote provides you with the easy setup convenience of pre-programmed remotes with the advantage of being able to add up to 376 learned commands. This feature enables you to add new and rare A/V components in the future without making the remote obsolete. It also allows you to customize the keypad layout.

Many all-in-one remotes over-simplify the keypad and lose the ability to access the more advanced features of the original remotes. This remote contains all the secondary functions of your original remotes and enough keys to allow one touch operation of most advanced functions. A backlit LCD display shows the current device mode at all times so there is no guessing.

A conveniently positioned light button turns on keypad and LCD backlighting to allow easy operation in darkened rooms. Pre-programmed to operate over 1,000 home theater components including high-end brands. In addition to common A/V components, DVD, DSS, DBS, C-Band Sat, Line Doublers, Lighting Controls, Internet and PC-TV devices are included in the library. It is guaranteed to operate your A/V equipment. Uses 4 AAA alkaline batteries (included) which last approx 6 months under normal usage. Memory backup retains programming during battery changes

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Ready to consolidate? Home Theater Master 8-in-1 Pre-programmed & Learning Remote

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