iPod Shuffle

What's new, unpredictable and smaller than a pack of gum? The new iPod Shuffle from Apple. Are you ready to embark on an unpredicatable adventure?

Did you guess? iPod Shuffle is small enough to carry in your pocket and so light, well, you'd harding know it was there. Except for the great sound that you'll be hearing, one shuffled song at a time. More fun for you.

Tell me more. iPod Shuffle is skip-free and can go where your CD player can't, like a fabulous run on a beautiful day. Get the 12 hours(3) of continuous playback time version to ensure uninterrupted fun. A neat little cap protects the USB connector, and those signature white earbud headphones tell the world you love to listen in style.

What's more, iPod shuffle pays due respect to its elders with a thumb-friendly, circular control pad that puts the 'go' in ergonomic.

How do you carry it? Well, you can put it in your pocket or better yet, use the nifty sport case for convenience and cool factor.

Get it in 512 MB or 1 GB. Do the shuffle and have fun!

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