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Gadgets We Love @ Home

Here we talk about those toys that grown-ups can't live without! Gadgets are fun, cool and better than ever.


new! Slingbox
new! Canon PowerShot SD20 Digital Camera - size is everything
new! Secret Motion-Activated Video Camera Hidden in a Clock
Put a flash drive in your pocket
Do the iPod shuffle
Far flung loved ones are just a Beamer away-- Video Beamer that is.
Try the Ceiva Digital Photo Receiver
Nokia 3650 Cellphone is cool looking, lightweight, and fun!
Too many remotes? Consolidate with the amazing 8-in-1 learning remote
Relax in the luxurious iJoy Turbo 2 Massage Chair
Stay organized and more with iPAQ Pocket PC

Stay tuned for more gadgets that we love!

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